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Minster Concrete Coatings HP Spartacote

 At Minster Concrete Coatings, we specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial concrete floor coatings.  Our residential coatings are ideal for garage and basement floors as well as patios and pool decks.   


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HP Spartacote
Polyaspartic Coverings

For more information about the HP Spartacote Coverings check out their website. Click Here

Nature Stone
Epoxy Stone Flooring

For more informaton about Nature Stone check out their website. Click Here

HP Spartacote

Minster Concrete Coatings HP SpartacoteHP Spartacote is a polyaspartic floor system that incorporates paint chips or quartz blends of your color preference.  It is extremely durable and weather proof. Say goodbye to your cracked and stained floor and hello to your neighbor’s envy. Read More

Nature Stone
Minster Concrete Coatings Nature Stone

Nature Stone is a natural stone flooring that is the most durable and long lasting solution to concrete floor problems.  Nature Stone immediately transforms your cracked, uneven, discolored and stained concrete into a beautiful stone floor.  It is perfect for wet, damp or flood-prone areas.Read More.