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Manufacturer of Polymer Flooring & Coating Systems.
Our Flooring Solutions include Resinous Flooring, Epoxy Flooring, Fluid-Applied Polymer Flooring and much more...

KEY RESIN EPOXY and URETHANE resins are high quality materials used as the building blocks for Key Resin’s superior performing flooring systems. These chemically resistant systems offer outstanding impact and abrasion resistance with varying degrees of texture in a range of standard and custom solid colors

Key Resin offers a variety of resinous flooring systems that combine highly decorative appearances with durability and low life cycle costs. Key Resin decorative systems are ideal for high traffic zones and provide the beautiful appearance you need for your project.

Key Resin's Moisture Vapor Control Systems offer a solution to moisture related failure in seamless resinous flooring and epoxy terrazo. These systems off resistance to excessive moisture content in concrete which contribules to loss of adhesion, blistering, warping, peeling, efflorescence deposits, and poor appearance.
Key Resin offers a variety of highly versatile Industrial Flooring Systems designed to offer maximum performance and durability. These systems are ideal for industrial areas needing protection from high traffic, impact, thermal shock or chemical attack.

Benefits of Key Resin Epoxy Systems Include:


  • Low or No V.O.C.'s

  • Low Maintenance

  • High Wear and Abrasion Resistance

  • Chemical Resistance with a Decorative Appearance

  • Many Systems available with a Fast Cure Option



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